We provide business resources and environmental fintech
for people and companies seeking to Engineer A Better Tomorrow.

EnVision Corporation Is an business Incubator for envirionmental technology companies

EnVision Corp. has over 25 years experience as an incubator of sustainable technologies, providing early funding and proprietary technology development.

As a pioneer in the environmental services sector, Envision has been a catalyst in identifying and successfully capitalizing projects which meet a variety of economic and socioeconomic needs, including job creation, community entrepreneurial activities, sustainable environmental technology commercialization and nurturing local industry growth – all of which pursue a green mandate.

Envision Corporation leverages impact investment opportunities by designing innovative engineering and market based approaches to both benefit from and help correct the inefficient misallocation of valuable non-renewable environmental resources.


Environmental Blockchain Company

The VERIDIUM Network solves the lack of liquidity and fragmentation in the natural capital assets markets by leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent pricing mechanism for standing Natural Capital.


Conservation Land Banking
& Environmental Mitigation Credits

InfiniteEARTH is an EnVision Corporation Environmental Incubator Project Acting as a Tropical Conservation Land Bank Offering REDD+ Carbon Credits To Voluntary Carbon Markets Worldwide.

A Tropical Conservation Land Bank providing Triple Gold Certified REDD+ Credits to companies and individuals operating in the Voluntary Carbon offset Markets.

InfiniteEARTH developed and actively manages the largest privately funded tropical wetlands conservation bank in Indonesia, the largest privately funded orangutan reserve in the world and has in excess of USD $600 million in natural capital assets under management.


Mobile Hydroponic Urban Farming Technology

FarmWorks Is an EnVision Corporation Environmental Incubator Providing high-density hydroponic urban farming products

3D Urban Farming with a product yield 100 times greater, per hectare, than conventional farming systems, utilizing 10% of the water demands.

Contact Us to learn more about Profusion-HydroCube and FarmWorks Technology.

More About FarmWorks

Sustainable Building Products

Composite Technology International (formerly EnTech) specializes in sustainable building materials

Using recycled low-grade wood with a patented coating to make high grade finished architectural moldings.

EnTech was reorganized as Composite Technology International and fully divested.