Welcome To EnVision Corporation

For over 30 years, EnVision Corporation has been at the forefront of the developing new models for Social & Environmental Enterprise. To that end, EnVision is an incubator of sustainable technologies, providing early funding and proprietary technology development. Our primary interest is developing economically viable solutions that address the tremendous impact we humans are having on the planet, particularly from the conversion of forests to industrial agriculture. How we feed ourselves has profound philosophical, health, environmental and socioeconomic consequences. Quite literally, the future of our species rests on what path the next agricultural revolution takes.

Our diversified portfolio includes Sustainable Building Products, Conservation Land Banking, Urban Farming Technology and Environmental FinTech, providing market-based solutions to environmental issues by revaluing the worlds most undervalued asset class: Natural Capital.

Conservation Land Banks

InfiniteEARTH is an EnVision Corporation Environmental Incubator Project Acting as a Tropical Conservation Land Bank Offering REDD+ Carbon Credits To Voluntary Carbon Markets Worldwide.
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Environmental Finance

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Sustainable Farming

FarmWorks Is an EnVision Corporation Environmental Incubator Providing high-density hydroponic urban farming products
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Sustainable Building Products

Composite Technology International (formerly EnTech) specializes in sustainable building materials

“Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”

Rene Dubos