FarmWorks Is an EnVision Corporation Environmental Incubator Providing high-density hydroponic urban farming products

FarmWorks is an Urban Farming company focusing on developing leap-frog technology for Sustainable Food Production. The company has developed a radical new design in Hydroponic Urban Farming called “Profusion 3D Farming Technology” and is currently producing its first commercial scale self-contained mobile hydroponic system called the “HydroCube”. With a yield 100 times greater than convention farming systems, while using 90% less water, the HydroCube promises to revolutionize Urban Farming.

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It took 150,000 years of human existence to reach a population of just 1 million. In 1812, the global population reached 1 Billion, by 1912 it was 2 Billion and by 2012, it reached a staggering 7 Billion. The world’s current population of 7.5 billion will double to 15 billion by 2090.

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To satisfy the world’s growing appetite for basic commodities against a backdrop of diminishing natural resources, will require an Industrial and technological Revolution in Natural Resource Management – a revolution that has already begun and an arena in which EnVision Corp. has vast experience.

To feed all those mouths, “we will need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we have in the last 8,000 [years].”

– Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund

Renewable energy sources are becoming more highly developed and more competitive, while water shortages are becoming more severe with fewer viable solutions. Additionally, long-distance transportation of conventionally produced agriculture has an embedded carbon footprint that cannot be easily mitigated, whereas the carbon footprint related to energy consumption in hydroponics can be mitigated with renewable energy.


Reduction in global Water Tables, in the past 20 years


Loss of Arable Land, in the past 40 years.


Our Planet’s Uncontaminated Fresh Water Supply

How we feed ourselves has profound philosophical, health, environmental and socioeconomic consequences. Quite literally, the future of our species rests on what path the next agricultural revolution takes.